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-Canary Islands Plane Vehicle Accident Passenger List 
-Ken Daniel, of Security Advisors Worldwide, or SAW, a renewable energy security advisory company contracted by Jetstream Wind, Inc. These birds come from northern Quebec. 
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-Golf is also extremely popular on the island. Although Menorca has just one course at the present time, it is situated within sight of the stunning Son Parc beach on the north coast. Both novices and expert golfers enjoy the challenges that the course offers. 
-Jamaica has a vibrant Kumina dance group called the Port Morant National and International Kumina Dancers. The group has been around for as long as most members of the group can remember, including Bernice Henry, who states, "The group has been around from when I was born. My grandmother was an old African woman. My mother passed it on and i passed it down to our children." Bernice says that the group consists of about twenty members, and sometimes they have to form smaller groups, depending on the occasion. 
-May Hall is about a five-minute paddle by kayak from Eagle Island's dock (literally around the bend). May Hall also provides access to two more of Andy's eight "Private Islands of Georgia," which are connected by 500-foot boardwalks that Andy recently built: one takes you over the marsh to the nine-acre Little May Hall and the other to the 17-acre Grassie Field Island, where there is a Great Heron rookery. 
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-If you're looking for something a bit more formal for lunch or dinner, there's indoor/ alfresco dining at the Olympia Tea Room and Bar and the well known landmark, the yellow Ocean House on Bluff Avenue on a hill overlooking Watch Hill Harbor to the west and the Atlantic ocean to the east. 
-Atlantic city is a city that is located in Atlantic County, New Jersey, United States. It is a famous city for its sandy beaches, shopping centers, casinos, gambling and its incredible view of the Atlantic ocean. The city has even been the inspiration for the Monopoly board game. So if your kids love monopoly then Atlantic city is the best place to visit with your kids. If not, then the city still boasts of other sights and spots that your kids will surely have a spectacular time. In fact I have compiled 7 spectacular places to visit in Atlantic City. 
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